About: Current Members

For our Austin, Texas-based Media group, our mission is to be a part of your success. We are committed to helping you tell and spread your story, and exhibit yourself in the best way possible. We are proud to offer our services in all aspects of your media needs, including project development, direction,  scripts and storyboards, talent and location scouting and management, editing, and design.

Resaca Media relies on a network of artists, performers, models, designers, technicians, and professionals to provide the highest quality services to you. As our team of longterm members grows, our ability to produce awesome content grows with it. All members can be reached via our contact page. 

Harold Fisch Headshot-6.jpg

Marc Rodgriguez

Director, Head of Sound, Editor



Harold Fisch

Founder, Lead Producer, Photographer, Writer, Actor


Zak Seeker

Cinematographer, Head of Camera



Molly Flynn

Producer, Head of Production Design


Newest members 


Roman Mitchell

Head of Development, Commercial Liason  


Danny Hynes 

Contract Designer, Writer