On the night he seeks to dive head first into his work, an artist discovers hidden secrets of his lineage and begins to learn his true purpose.

Muerte is the story of Jesse, a young man struggling to realize his artistic ambitions, while struggling to care of his ailing mother. On the night he decides to push his artistic vision Jesse has to keep himself together as visions of ancient Aztec warriors and a deal his mother made come to haunt him.

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Muerte is written, directed and starring Harold Fisch and produced by Resaca Media and associates. Muerte was shot in two consecutive for less than three thousand dollars, and features the art of Rex Hamilton, and music by composer Khris Paradise.

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Muerte will have its World Premiere at the 25th Annual Austin Film Festival, and will screen Friday, October 26th at 2pm, and Tuesday, October 30th at the Rollins Theater. Go to For more information and to purchase tickets or a film pass

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