Fish and Bird

In Resaca media's highly anticipated anticipated web series, two odd animal friends navigate life and try to stay friends in a city and surrounded by characters slightly more off than them. Fish and Bird was created by Harold Fisch and the talented team of creatives at Resaca Media, a group of (largely self-funded)  collaborative artists working and doing things in Austin, Tx.

New episodes are enjoying limited showings every month. Click on the title above or contact us for more information on Fish and Bird. 



Resaca Media is honored to be partnered with actress and author Val Frazee to adapt and produce her first novel, Unrequited, into a short film. the romantic story of love and pain,  based on real events, tells the story of Caroline and Chandler, on a normal day thats hijacked by their past.  Actor David Herrod Jr. (Slaughterhouse, Flay, Cabin Crew) will star opposite to Val frazee in the two lead roles. Principal photography begins in February.

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We are proud to offer services in photography from our creative team to private and commercial clients. From fashion portraiture to real estate marketing, Harold Fisch and his team are prepared to offer a catered service to best meet your media needs.

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Past Projects

The filmmakers of the Resaca Media team have been working and refining their storytelling for years on incredible and award winning projects from short films to features, and we are happy to share some of that work with you here. 

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